Workplace Accidents: Personal Injury Claims Against a Third Party

June 20, 2022|

Just because an employee covered by workers’ compensation usually can’t file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer, doesn’t mean they can’t recover compensation for damages from another entity that is partially responsible.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents: Who is Liable?

April 25, 2022|

Car crashes are one of the scariest possible consequences of driving on the open road, but accidents like these become much more frightening when multiple cars are involved.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Malpractice

October 19, 2021|

Nearly 70% of all American adults are prescribed at least one medication. With such a high number of prescriptions, errors can happen. We can help you determine if you have been a victim of pharmaceutical malpractice and what steps you should take.

Determining Liability for Bicycle Accidents

September 10, 2021|

A casual ride can easily take a hard turn if you’re not careful. Do you know what to do if you’re in a crash? We’re here to help you stay safe and determine liability for bicycle accidents.

Liability for Amusement Park Injuries

May 31, 2021|

More than 1000 people suffer amusement park injuries every year, which inevitably leads to the question—who is liable for those personal injuries?

Avoiding Springtime Injuries

March 18, 2021|

After a frosty winter, you’re probably ready for some outdoor fun. But you need to be careful because the increased activity can lead to increased risk. We have some tips for avoiding springtime injuries.

America’s Top 100 Medical Malpractice Litigators®

March 11, 2021|

Announcing the selection of Kevin Chrisanthopoulos among America’s Top 100 Medical Malpractice Litigators® for 2021. Selection to America’s Top 100 Medical Malpractice Litigators® is by invitation only and is reserved to identify the nation’s most exceptional litigators for high-value personal medical malpractice matters.