All Who Wander: National Road Trip Day

May 21, 2020|

It’s true that not all who wander are lost, but it’s best to wander safely. Review this important safety information before your next road trip.

MACRMI: Handling Medical Injuries with CARe

January 21, 2020|

An increasing number of hospitals in Massachusetts are handling medical injuries with CARe (Communication, Apology and Resolution), a healthy alternative to the standard medical liability system—which often proves painful for all.

Don’t Get Bit by Dental Negligence

August 22, 2019|

When it comes to medical malpractice, cases of dental negligence are less common than others, but they can still be devastating.

Ride On: Personal Injury Law and Bicycle Accidents

May 14, 2019|

With warmer weather, more cyclists are heading outdoors, which means the number of bicycle accidents rises sharply as well. If, despite your best efforts, you’re in an accident while riding your bike, it’s important to understand your legal rights and what steps to take.

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