westfield starfiresIt’s hard to think of something more American than enjoying the nation’s pastime on a warm summer evening. That’s why we’re so proud to go to bat for our community and sponsor the inaugural season of the Westfield Starfires Baseball Franchise this year. Fun fact: the team name honors Westfield’s long connection with the Air National Guard at Barnes Airport, coming from the Lockheed F-94 Starfire, a first-generation jet aircraft.


One of seven teams in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League, the Starfires play home games at Bullens Field in Westfield. With tickets ranging from $7–10, it’s a home run for affordable family fun. Fittingly, we’ll be the K Card sponsor, so you’ll hear KC Law mentioned every time a batter strikes out.


If you think about it, our legal practice has a lot in common with the game of baseball. We’ll go to bat for you when you need us, are always on the ball, and can play hardball when necessary.


We hope you’ll join us supporting this fine local team, and look forward to touching base with our friends and neighbors at an upcoming game soon.